Olive Oil

Image showing Olive Oil product

Our superior Olive Oil epitomises green hills and warm Provencal sun in one verdant-gold elixir. Slow growing olive trees of the region yield exquisite Cayet, Cailletier and Bouteillan olives that are hand-picked to ensure only the finest make it to the olive press. Rich, silky oil is extracted and filtered, bringing you a truly special and unique blend with top notes of light, spicy artichoke, underpinned by a subtle piquancy to gift to your loved ones, guests and clients.

Decanted into beautiful bottles with your choice of labelling embellishment, your guests, loved ones and clients will enjoy anointing fresh, crisp salad leaves, roasted vegetables and meats with our delicious oil – a true Provencal speciality.

Size: 50g

Price: €3.95