Gift Packs

Our bespoke gifts can be created in any size and to any budget with a range of styles including two-piece presentation boxes (in either kraft or white), rustic paniers, faux wood paniers or premium gift bags.  Each gift set can be also be decorated with the addition of pretty Provencal dried flowers and can be tied with the ribbon of your choice.

Essential Provence

Ideal for those who wish to experiment and elevate their cooking, these Provencal essentials are a must in every connoisseur’s kitchen.

Contains: Herbs of Provence and Lavender Salt.

Price: €11.95

Heart of Provence

Epitomising the very essence of Provence, our Heart of Provence gift set combines all the relaxing and recharging benefits of the finest lavender blooms in a beautiful gift set.

Contains: Hand-poured Lavender Candle, Lavender Soap and Lavender Sachet.

Price: €19.95

Aperitifs Compilation

There is no finer introduction to the Provencal ‘apero’ tradition than our supreme selection of locally produced aperitifs. Each one is unique and a perfect expression of the skill and craftsmanship used in their creation.

Contains: Liqueur de Citron, Pastis Bleu and Fleur de Thyme.

Price: €24.95

La Vie est Belle

Our ‘Life Is Beautiful’ gift set combines indulgent bath time treats enriched with the benefits of Provence’s purest essential oils with our most popular gastronomic requisites. Embrace the Provence lifestyle with this senses-pleasing collection.

Contains: Hand-poured Lavender Candle, Lavender Soap, Olive Oil, Herbs of Provence and Lavender Salt.

Price: €30.95

Gourmand’s Delight

A wonderful selection of Provencal delicacies, our Gourmand’s Delight gift offering will inspire even the most discerning connoisseur’s palate, exquisitely crafted by local artisans.

Contains: Pastis, Olive Oil, Herbs of Provence, Truffle Salt and Hazelnut Nougat.

Price: €31.95

Delicate Discovery

Combining the softest pink and white hues, our Delicate Discovery gift set is our most decadent selection. Offering unique gastronomic blends and the relaxing powers of fine essential oils, this gift will transport you to Provence’s rolling hills, graced with lavender and delicate blooms.

Contains: Olive Oil, Pink Grapefruit Syrup, White Nougat, Lavender Honey, White Chocolate, Rose Sweets, Hand-poured Lavender Candle and a Lavender Sachet.

Price: €43.95

Connoisseur’s Choice

Our Connoisseur’s Choice gift box will satisfy even the most exacting epicurean. Packed with inimitable local specialities, true gourmets will delight in discovering our exquisite collection created using traditional methods.

Contains: Liqueur de Citron, Pastis, Olive Oil, Truffle Salt, Herbs of Provence, Lavender Honey, Hazelnut Nougat.

Price: €45.95